Friday, August 24, 2018

Family Reunion Time

The whole group of us.
The hosts, Vidhya, Venkat, and
their son, Rohan
                       My husband and I just got back from a super family reunion held at the home of my niece and her family in Falls Church, Virginia. People came from Pittsburgh, Boston, and Raleigh (and we made the California unit), and a great time was had by all. It took place over about 6 days, given all the arrivals and departures. All of the people you see here in this photo stayed at their house — a big one, and a lovely one, too.

So . . . Meet the family:     This was the third reunion we've been to over the years. How about you?                                  

Yummy meals.
The Raleigh couple, Cheryl and
our nephew, Murali

The Boston family, our nephew,
Srivatsan, his wife, Simil,
their children, Saraswati & Shavan

My husband, Rajan, on right, his
Pittsburgh brother, Raghavan, on left.

Their Raleigh brother, Bashyam

Bashyam's wife, Seetha, on left,
Raghavan's wife, Kalyani, in middle,
and me on the right

A nice moment between Srivatsan
and his daughter, Saraswati.

Rocket man, Shravan, and
his mom, Simil

The rocket, fueled by baking soda
and vinegar. It worked!

This is the third reunion we've been to over the years.  How about you? Have you been to many family reunions? Do they tend to be large or small?