Sunday, September 5, 2021

New Developments

 One of these days I'll be able to write a post again where I am not reporting bad news. Recently we had another death in the famiy (one of my husband's brothers — so we've been on "WhatsApp" a lot with scattered family), and I also learned that the fall had done more damage to my shoulder than I had thought. I posted this on Facebook, but realized this morning I should do so here as well to expain why I'm not posting much lately. I'm also posting this on both blogs. 

I have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist this Friday about my shoulder — last week had more Xrays taken. I should learn more Friday about whethr surgery or physical therapy is the future.

Other updates: The cataract surgery went very well and Friday I'll have one last check before my opthomologist writes a new prescription. (Here in Braga, the same doctor is both opthamologist and optometrist, which I kinda like.)

Despite all of the above, I've been writing on my book, and I have about 6 chapters left to the end before I rewrite it and send it to my beta readers.

I hope all who stop by are having a good week filled with good activities and good news.

Take care and stay well.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Cataract Surgery

Dear friends, 

sorry I've been silent again. On Tuesday I had cataract surgery and had to stay off the computer for three days. Even now, I'm keeping that eye closed just for good measure. Tomorrow I can do all things in my normal life again, but for three days I couldn't read, or use the computer. (So I listened to music and my Portuguese CDs. But really, I love being online and hated missing all the news. And no reading? Aaarrrrgh!)
But the surgery went very well. My surgeon checked the eye (left) yesterday and is quite satisfied. After my three week period of eyedrops is over, I have another appointment to get a prescription for glasses. Interestingly, the opthamologist does all the optometry testing/prescription as well. I have to say, I like the idea of one person keeping track of my eyes instead of two departments. It's a different system. And I do like my opthamologist, although I had a super one in Sacramento. She was great, too.
Rajan has an appointment next Tuesday, as it's time for him to get a new prescription.
Meanwhile, today I get to go out walking again! (I've missed that, too!)

I'll sign off for now but will be back soon. Everyone have a great day.

Friday, August 13, 2021

And Then More Happened - Oops!

Last Thursday night, close to midnight, I was waiting to take my last set of eyedrops for my glaucoma, and I fell asleep. It was unusually late for the drops and I was soooo sleepy. Next thing I knew I had fallen on the floor, hitting my head and banging my shoulder really hard. I took the drops with Rajan's help, then went to sleep (in bed); but Friday morning my shoulder and arm were so painful, we went to emergency.
Long story short, we were wonderfully taken care of. We have insurance through the hospital, which reduced the expense incredibly: They took X-rays of my shoulder and did a Cat Scan, given that I had a goose-egg on my head. Good news: no broken bones and Cat Scan was fine. They did give me a pain-killer shot and a prescription for pain pills, and I was told not to go on one of my 3-4-mile walks for a few days and to keep my arm in a sling.
I am so grateful no damage was done! Just momentary discomfort, so I used the following days reading and studying Portuguese. Luckily, the doctor and nurse who attended me spoke English.
Already my shoulder feels better, but it's not quite back to normal yet. Still, I'm back to walking (have walked 2-3 miles for the last three days).

Meanwhile, My very kind friend, Carla Pereira came by Monday morning with a delicious dessert treat to make me feel better. Also, knowing how I like Pessoa, the Portuguese poet, she brought a deck of Pessoa playing cards. The backs all have a picture of him looking mournful in a trenchcoat and his tell-tale hat. But on the playing side, each card has a different short quote from one of his writings. The usual sets are there (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, and Ace through King in each set), but individually each has a different (and short) quote — ideal for learning my Portuguese.

Also, at the Amazon site for Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls, there is a little snippet teaser you can listen to on Audible HERE .

I hope this finds those of you stopping by enjoying your lives and busy with good things (and not falling off chairs.) Take care and stay well.

Sunday, August 1, 2021


 I haven't had time to post because 1. I'm working on my new book, the next mystery in my Braga series. I have about one-fourth to go. and 2. My husband and I are trying to learn Portuguese - a beautiful-but-not-easy language for people who didn't grow up hearing it. 

But I have GOOD NEWS: Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls is now an AUDIO BOOK. The narrator, the wonderful Beverly Matthews, is British, and it really makes my heart flip-flop to hear all my characters speaking with bonafide English accents. 

I will be posting more about this, around the above two challenges, but here is a link if you want to listen to it for free (temporary opportunity). It's going to also be highlighted on THIF this coming Friday, and I can tell you more about it then. HERE IS THE LINK

Don't give up on me; I am not abandoning blogging. I will also be reviewing some great Sherlock Holmes pastiches here as I progress to the end of my book. 

I do apologize for not having any pictures to share. Braga is popping out in springtime blooms and I, alas, have my nose to the grindstone and my camera in the drawer. 

I hope everyone is well and safe from the endless challenges of the ever-evolving Covid. I will try to get around to your blogs this week, because I miss my blogging friends!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

It's THIF Time Again With New Discounts

 I know I post a lot about THIF, but I'm  Sherlock Holmes lover, and also, I've been reading some great pastiches that I'm hoping to review shortly. (What's been holding me up? I'M WRITING. The Muse has struck again and I mustn't ignore, or, if I do, it's at writing peril . . ..)

Meanwhile, yes, it's Thank Holmes It's Friday again, week 19, with great new discounts on Sherlock-related literature. Good mysteries abound! One day only! Check it out HERE.

QUESTION 1: Do you like the original Sherlock Holmes stories?

QUESTION 2: Do you like Sherlock Holmes pastiches?

Friday, April 16, 2021


 It's Friday again, and you know what that means: Thank Holmes It's Friday, the opportunity for Sherlock Holmes Lovers to get free audio books, discount books, and more — just one click away for one day only: Click  HERE

Thursday, January 28, 2021


 If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, here is a plethora of offerings to enjoy for next to nothing — a dollar and a code. Thank Holmes It's Friday is weekly from MX publishing and features Sherlock-related novels. Today is the launch. Go to the site and take advantage of these fantastic offers — terrific books for just a dollar and a code . . .. These offers are valid from 9pm Thursday UK time (that's 1pm today PST, 4pm today EST) to to 9am Saturday UK time. (Americans need to either stay up late Friday night or get up early Saturday — Better: hie to the site immediately before they run out . . ..

I've been readiing some good Sherlock Holmes mysteries in my spare time as we get ready to move to Portugal. Two in particular I want to review here, but first I wanted to post the THIF news.

Meanwhile, I posted at greater length about the move to Portugal on my other blog (Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish ) On February 21st we leave for Braga, Portugal. More details are in the post.

My apologies for no pictures today. My life as been a "to do" list lately with no time for photos.

I hope this finds readers safe and well and getting through all the restrictions with fortitude, finding enjoyable indoor activities. And I hope you are not dealing with losses due to this terrible "plague".

"This, too will pass," even though it feels like forever. Takce care and stay well.