Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Moving My Travel Posts to Wordpress

Dear Blog Friends,

While I sort out my problems with Blogger commenting, I've decided to do all my travel posting on a Wordpress Account — "I Like to Travel, Come Travel with Me" and save Victorian Scribbles once again for Victorian and Belle Epoque Era related posts and book reviews.

I've tested out my Wordpress account, and I can comment on all Wordpress blogs and SOME Blogger  blogs (the problem being Blogger, not Wordpress).

Meanwhile, I have followed so many suggestions and written to Blogger so many times about the commenting problem. I CAN comment on some Blogger posts, but not on others, and there is no rhyme or reason to it, but I'm still working on it.

While I explore the cyber universe in my quest for answers, please do stop by my travel blog HERE and leave a comment. The current post is about my story collection, The Carnival of the Animals, because the stories are set all over the world, and reading is such a good way to travel.

But I have a post on Portugal coming up as well, so stay tuned.

Thanks for all the support and help. I do so appreciate it!

Meanwhile, please do visit the SCBWI Bookstop for some fabulous choices of children's books for your Christmas shopping. Just click on the link below:

Monday, November 5, 2018

Blogger Comment Problems

Dear fellow bloggers,

I have been trying to comment on some of your blogs and am not able to.

For awhile I was having a similar problem on my own Victorian Scribbles blog: I couldn't reply. I fixed the reply problem with advice I received: I cleared my cache.

I also changed my comment settings from "embedded" to full page. I think some of the sites I am visiting have comments "embedded".

Whatever is the problem, I really miss commenting on your posts. I can comment on some, but not others. Are you having fewer comments to your posts? You might want to check out whether your comments section is "embedded."

I know it's Blogger related, because I can comment on all Word Press blogs, and only some Blogger blogs.