Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More About My Interview at "Just Get It Written".

My hurried announcement Sunday evening didn't do justice to Mary C's cool blog, Just Get It Written, because I was madly packing. Early Monday morning my husband and I boarded a plane for Galicia, Spain. We arrived yesterday afternoon, getting to our village late in the evening.

But Just Get It Written is a site worth visiting. Mary C interviews authors every second and last Monday of the month in a column called Behind the Scenes, and I've learned a lot about various authors' processes and slants on writing. I felt honored to be interviewed on such an interesting site.

Please stop by and leave a comment.

Meanwhile, I met Mary C through Lexa Cain's Celebrate Small Things blog hop, a fun blog where you can link up with others who have shares they want to celebrate. (Check that out, too.)

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