Thursday, September 21, 2017

Posting on My Other Blog While on Vacation

Right now we are in Galicia, Spain and we will also be visiting Portugal (the setting for my cozy mystery). Fo a while, my posts will be mainly about Spain and Portugal, and not "Victorian" related, so I'll be posting next door on my Fourth Wish Blog HERE  .  

Please stop by for a visit and leave a comment and let me know your news. I always enjoy hearing from fellow bloggers.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying a cool and beautiful early autumn.

Ciao for now, Elizabeth


  1. Thanks, Chrys. It's a relaxing place to vacation. The Spanish and Portuguese people are so warm and kindly.

  2. I hope you're having a lovely trip.

  3. thanks for stopping by, Patsy. It's been a great trip, although eventful. The fires in Galicia came close to where friends live, and likewise in northern Portugal. We were not affected, but we did worry about our friends. The countryside here is very tranquil and beautiful, the people are superb, so it really is a lovely place to hang out.