Friday, April 27, 2018

Back in Galicia, Spain!

Today I'm celebrating being back in Galicia Spain. It's hard to believe we left Sacramento two weeks ago, arriving on Saturday evening, April 14th (Spain time). Since arrival, we've had intermittent cold, warmth, bright sunny days, thunderstorms, sun again, wind . . .. Each day is an adventure in weather.

It's great to be back! We've been busy ever since, having lunches with friends, snacks with neighbors, visiting our closest neighbors Eva & Manolo often, walking to a nearby pueblo (about a mile or two away), going into Monforte de Lemos (the closest bigger town) to walk around and stop for a glass of wine at our favorite cafe-bar on the main plaza.

Above is a picture of our field that one of our neighbors, Miguel-Angel plants each year with potatoes. It was plowed like this last week with plans to plant on Monday, but a fierce thunderstorm struck on Sunday, so he had to wait until Wednesday. Here are some scenes from a walk we took to El Barrio, a small village that fringes the larger village of Tuiriz.

This is outside a small village
 called Santalla, taken from the road.
Nearing El Barrio. 
Somewhere along the way.

Meanwhile, below is a picture of the plaza in Monforte. It's like this all the time, filled with families enjoying coffee, lunch, beer or wine, pastries. Kids running about everywhere in glee. Babies being cooed over. And the rise and fall of voices in the beautiful Spanish language.
Outside a cafe-bar we like, Lienzo.

Because we have come here so often and for so long, we keep running into people we know in Monforte. It's almost like a homecoming. Our Spanish is decent enough that we can limp through conversations without too much trouble. In no way can I say we are fluent—we aren't by a long shot—but it's encouraging to at least understand most things and to be understood. (And the Spanish are encouraging. They patiently wait out our word searches.)

More pictures will be coming. Meanwhile, do you like to walk out in the country? In the park? What are some of your favorite walks?

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Rosi said...

It's a beautiful place. Enjoy your time.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks, Rosi. The time seems to be flying!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now I know why you haven't posted for awhile. What a fabulous getaway this must be. The photos you shared are marvelous, and your description of the country makes it seem magical. It's great to see where you spend part of your time each year.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, B&E, great to hear from you. I always enjoy your blog posts so much. This country really IS magical — to us, anyway. It's a step back in time as well as a step across to another culture. In both ways, very laid back and open hearted. The people are just wonderful.

David Gascoigne said...

Last time we were in Spain we stayed in a little town in Catalonia called Bagá. It was always pleasant to stroll into town and sit in the plaza. In the morning we had coffee and pastry and in the late afternoon a glass of wine. Now that's living!

Sandra Cox said...

What beautiful scenery. Hope the weather warms for you.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Hi, David, thanks for stopping by. Yes, strolling in the plaza, having coffee or wine, people watching, is so much of what we enjoy when we are in the town. In the country, very often, if you walk by a house, you'll be invited into the bodega for a slice of cheese and bread and a glass of wine. The Spanish are just lovely.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks, Sandra. The weather did warm for about two days, and then turned cold again. Everyone is commenting on what an unusual spring it has been. Yesterday we went with friends to see some castro ruins, but it was a cold, windy day, despite beautiful blue and sunny skies. Luckily, we were bundled up.