Friday, April 24, 2015

Celebrating a Trailer for Imogene

It's Friday and time to celebrate, thanks to Lexa Cain's cool blog hop, "Celebrate the Small Things". Lexa's novel, Soul Cutter, is a paranormal suspense that takes place in Egypt. Go HERE to see Alexa's blog.

Her co-hosts for the blog hop are
L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and
Katie @ TheCyborgMom.

On another note, some ugly spammers have been showing up on her blog, signing up for the hop. Does anyone know how to block a spammer from a blog?

I'm celebrating a trailer that a friend made for my middle grade mystery that's coming out June 15, Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls.  It's a fun video. His daughter plays the part of Imogene. I thought she did a great job. What do you think? Just click on the book cover below to see it:

I'm also celebrating TGIF. It's been a hectic week.
What are you celebrating today?


  1. I loved the trailer, and Imogene. Super job, Elizabeth.

  2. Thanks, Cathy. Glad you liked it. It was great fun to script it. Then Steve (and his daughter) did all the work.

  3. Look at you, author and now movie producer! Very cute.

  4. Great trailer - she screamed, I jumped! Sounds like a winner to me. I love, love that cover!
    Welcome to 'celebrate the small things. Forgive my snail's pace at hopping around. That you for visiting me. (smile).

    I am hiding today, but Sunday I'll be out reading and commenting more.

  5. Rosi - Movie producer? Ha-ha. Actually, my friend and "Imogene"'s father, Steve is the producer. I thought she did a great job.

    Dixie - Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I'm glad her scream had that effect. :-)

  6. Trailers are so much fun. Congratulations on yours.

  7. That's so wonderful! Congratulations!

  8. Hi, Lee, this trailer really was so much fun. It's the first time I tried it, and I have my friend to thank for pulling it off.

    Tyrean, so glad you liked it.

  9. Don't you think hectic weeks are so much more fun than quiet weeks? Love the trailer.

  10. Hi, Julia, thanks for stopping by. Actually, I like a balance between hectic and quiet. The hectic times are exciting. The quiet times are peaceful, a nice time to rest up from the hectic.